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Friday, May 17, 2019

France's low-carbon hydrogen ambitions : one year later

According to its strategy launched in 2018, France aims to reach at least 200 heavy-duty vehicles powered by low-carbon hydrogen by 2023 - and at least 5000 light-duty commercial vehicles. The targets for 2028 are even more ambitious, as they foresee to multiply the 2023 targets by at least 4.

In order to reach those targets, France announced an equally ambitious support budget of 100 million EUR (potentially per year) when it presented its hydrogen strategy in June 2018. So far, it does not seem like the reality of the 2019 budget can fully live up to that promise.

Nevertheless: now that the first selection of 11 hydrogen projects was presented this month by the French Energy Agency ADEME, the interest in the emerging market for low-carbon hydrogen solutions is at a new height, and it keeps on growing steadily.

However, in order to reach France's overall objective of creating an entire new industry around low-carbon hydrogen, certain financial and regulatory elements are still needed in order to create solid long-term perspectives.

This is what JJ Bürger describes in an article for the French magazine Usine Nouvelle, specialized on industry and energy topics. Please click here to read the entire article.
The article is only available in French language. If you are interested in publications in English or German, please feel free to reach out.